Flexible Dentures

The Flexible Partial Denture is made with a thermoplastic material instead of the standard metal frame and clasps of other partial dentures. This material is designed to look just like natural gum tissue. This results in the most natural and aesthetically consistent partial denture available.


Metal/Cast Frames

The Cast Partial Denture provides a cost-effective and practical method of replacing lost teeth. This is an excellent option as teeth can be added to the denture.  This is the ideal solution for anyone that knows they will have to add more teeth in the near future. Like any denture, the Cast Partial Denture will help with chewing food and restoring a full smile. 

The Acrylic Partial Denture is made with an injected acrylic resin. It uses metal hooks and clasps to stay in place without the use of a metal frame.


Acrylic Dentures

Characterize your denture with gold