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Patient FAQs

Is a dental technician the same as a dentist?

No, while a dentist is responsible for caring for patients by preventing and treating problems affecting the mouth and teeth, dental technicians develop the actual prosthesis or appliance needed to support this.

Can I book an appointment with the lab?

No, appointments are made with your dentist who is our client. Your dentist is the one responsible for diagnosis, treatment and billing.

What is the cost of...?

Cost is a combination of dentist's time/resources and products manufactured by the lab. This is to be determined and discussed with your dentist. Your dentist may require a deposit or payment in full at the start or before completion of treatment as they are liable for lab cost.

Does the lab accept insurance?

For insurance claims it is common for clinical cost (dentist's time) and lab cost to be labeled accordingly. Insurance coverage is unique to each individual patient and is paid only to the dental provider not to the lab. Coverage is best determined by contacting your insurance provider or by submitting a pre-estimate once treatment is determined. 

I am in need of a dentist what should I do?

Check out our list of dental partners. There you will find a list of dentists we work closely with and are accepting new patients.

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