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COVID & Infection Control (Reminder)

Before impressions are dispatched to the dental laboratory, it is solely the dentist’s responsibility that they are disinfected in an appropriate manner. Uncertainty of impression disinfection risks both the health of the receiving dental technician and compromises the sterile conditions of the lab. Research has shown potential repeat disinfection of an already disinfected impression can have detrimental consequences for its dimensions. Everything leaving the clinical operator must be disinfected using an adequate level of disinfection.

Infection Control Protocols

  • The clinician must indicate clearly to the technician that the disinfection procedure has been carried out in the clinic on lab scripts, by writing "DISINFECTED"

  • Impressions/dentures/models/preliminary components (bite registration, bite blocks, etc.) should NOT be wrapped in bubble wrap without first being disinfected and sealed in a bag/plastic wrap Ex. Inexpensive "Ziploc" bags or OSHA-compliant delivery bags are available for order from Henry Schein )

  • Lab scripts should be kept separate from wet impressions.

  • Attempts to remove calculus buildup/denture adhesive should be made prior to sending dentures for repairs

  • The presence of blood is grounds for the immediate return of cases

  • Failing to follow the above guideline will result in delays, cases will be started once they meet all of the above protocols.

  • Returned cases will incur a shipping fee of $16 to cover the local shipping expense


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