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Broken into multiple Pieces

Many people attempt to glue or repair their dentures after a complete break where the denture is rendered into 2 or more pieces.  DO NOT attempt this!  Using harmful glues such as super glue or Gorilla Glue can be poisonous and only make the break worse. Professional help is needed and will be more cost-effective compared to getting new dentures.


Broken, Chipped, or Missing Teeth

This is quite obvious your denture is in need of repair. If any teeth chipped or missing on the denture it is again important NOT to use any household adhesives.


Denture not fitting Properly

When your denture is not fitting properly and becomes loose, you should obtain a professional reline. This will fill the gap between the gums and the denture and will make the denture fit better. Contact your dentist today to get refitted.


Weight Loss

When denture wearer loses weight, gums shrink and your denture will have to be relined to conform to the gums and have better suction.  If you have lost 30 or more pounds since your denture fitting you may experience your dentures becoming loose and in need of a realignment.


Sudden Impact

At any time when your denture is dropped, stepped on, or you even hear a “crack” from chewing on a bone, your denture must be inspected to make sure that there are no cracks.  Most of the time small stress cracks form and if not taken care of right away will become larger and denture eventually breaks.

Dentures are a useful tool today but they are not indestructible and must be cared for.  Through regular maintenance, cleaning, and visual inspection you can save yourself from embarrassing moments or long lapses without your dentures. 

10 Signs that you may need to repair your dentures (continued)

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